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Aberdeen is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Caption Technologies, Inc. an established closed captioning provider with nearly 30 years of experience in the market.

Started in 1995, Caption Technologies was founded with the promise to bring real accessibility to the deaf and hard-of-hearing community with captioning that meets or exceeds FCC mandates. Their commitment to exceptional real-time and offline closed captioning, subtitling, and transcription services, along with being an approved vendor of the U.S. Department of Education and the Described and Captioned Media Program (DCMP) made them a perfect fit for the Aberdeen family.

This acquisition strengthens our shared industry experience and allows for immediate scale with more readily available resources to fulfill the growing requests for accurate closed captioning.

“We are honored and excited that Vicki of Caption Technologies would think of us when making this transition. She put her heart and soul into the business and didn’t want to just turn it over to anyone. Having been friends and working together over the last 15 years, this seemed like a perfect fit. With the focus of both our companies on exceptional service and serving ministries, it makes for a smooth transition for everyone involved.”
Matt Cook
President, Aberdeen Broadcast Services

Our Advantage

Aberdeen has spent years growing a team of highly trained, experienced captioners with the largest dictionaries in the industry, always choosing the best captioner for your particular program genre.

We offer many levels of captioning to match all budgets & turnaround times and promise to deliver the absolute best quality of work that your content deserves.


Hours of Real-time Captioning in 2022


Hours of Offline Captioning in 2022

More About Closed Captioning

Infographic showing captioning usage in the United States

Is Closed Captioning Really That Important?

YES! 95 million Americans rely on closed captioning when viewing programs. 28 million of them are hearing impaired, 30 million are learning English as a second language, 27 million are adults trying to improve their literacy skills, and 10 million are children learning how to read. Furthermore, the FCC mandates nearly all programming to be closed captioned.

How Can Closed Captioning Improve Literacy?

Sadly, 32 million American adults are illiterate and 30 million cannot read higher than a 4th-grade reading level. Unfortunately, most adults do not read books but watch a ton of television. This is where closed captioning comes in! With a click of a button, these adults are now being able to read as they watch their favorite programming. And studies have shown that children who view television with the closed captioning turned on have higher educational achievements and literacy rates.
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Why AberCap?

Working with Aberdeen means an extra review of your video – during our editing process, we do an extra quality check to ensure that there are no errors in your video and oftentimes catch costly blunders before they go on air. Our quality is well above the industry standard, due in part to our highly experienced, trained, and knowledgeable transcribers and caption editors, as well as being an approved vendor for DCMP (Described and Captioned Media Program) ensuring not a word is misrepresented.
The choice to caption your live or pre-recorded programming with Aberdeen is made simple when you come to learn that what we do has been created just for you. Our convenient workflows allow you to relax with confidence. We are your partner with one common goal: the successful final outcome of your programming. 

Our clients prove this by partnering with us for years.
“Aberdeen has been my ‘go to’ captioning and digital delivery service since 2008. They have been 100% reliable and consistent over all these years. Aberdeen is my first recommendation to anyone looking for captioning services.”
Producer/Director – Hancock Media
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