AberFast for TV Stations

AberFast believes in speed. We believe in a world where complications are nonexistent, where technology breathes simplicity. We believe that stations and networks should reallocate manpower and let technology do its job.

With AberFast, say goodbye to…

  • Bad video
  • Wondering when a file will arrive
  • "Flipping" or transcoding files

And say hello to…

  • Custom play-server-ready files
  • Files that are QC'd for broadcast legal programs
  • Embedded closed captions that work every time
  • Custom trimmed files to your specs
  • Industry approved file naming system
  • The best quality video available
  • More HD content (lower cost for producers)
  • E-mail notifications of delivered files
  • Secure, accurate, and fast file transfers
  • An AberFast team committed to revolutionizing digital file delivery

At AberFast, we run the race for you and we win every time!

How It Works

The initial setup:

  1. AberFast engineers match the native file format of the station's play server (with captions).
  2. A secure file transfer application is configured on a machine at the station.
  3. A full-length test file is sent for approval.

Receiving producers' files:

  1. Receive AberFast email notification when a new file arrives.
  2. Drag & drop a broadcast-ready file to the play server for air.

Want more details? See our transcoding platform and how we deliver files pages.

“Aberdeen’s Digital File Delivery comes in at the proper length, no editing involved and it can be copied right to our play server from a shared drive. Their workflow is efficient and effortless and the video quality is outstanding.”
Station Engineer – Christian Television Network (CTN)
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