AberFast for TV Stations

AberFast believes in speed. We believe in a world where complications are nonexistent, and where technology breathes simplicity. We believe that stations and networks should reallocate manpower and let technology do its job.

At AberFast, we run the race for you and we win every time!

With AberFast, you can expect...

  • Custom play-server-ready files
  • Files that are QC'd for broadcast legal programs
  • Embedded closed captions that work every time
  • Custom-trimmed files to your specs
  • Industry-approved file naming system
  • The best quality video available
  • More HD content (lower cost for producers)
  • E-mail notifications of delivered files
  • Secure, accurate, and fast file transfers
  • An AberFast team committed to revolutionizing digital file delivery
  • A dedicated support team that is available 24/7

Establishing the relationship

Our motto has been to deliver precisely what the station’s play server ingests and eliminate the need for re-transcoding. As part of the setup process, an AberFast engineer will work with station engineers to gather the exact specifications and choose from a variety of broadcast-standard codecs and containers for both video and audio. Multiple test files are delivered to ensure the station can effortlessly ingest our files.

Our AberFast engineers then work with the Master Control operators to determine their unique TV broadcast workflow process and location to deliver ready-for-air content.

  • Technical tests of their preferred station spec.
  • Install FileCatalystfor managed file transfers.
  • Send a test file to ensure the file is delivered and that the station can ingest the file through their automation processes.
  • Identify proper contact roles to ensure timely communication.

This time spent upfront with the stations establishes a trust that gives the stations the peace of mind that when a program is delivered from Aberdeen, it’s correct and ready for air.

How It Works

  1. Client exports from their edit system and uploads file via a secure portal or through an AberFast HotFolder automation.
  2. Video/audio review and correction (when correctable).
  3. Aberdeen does the captioning and/or language work if required.
  4. Client video is transcoded to a station-specific codec with closed captions.
  5. Files are visually QC'd and transferred via an automated HotFolder to TV stations and tracked through our online portal.
The AberFast Workflow from edit to broadcast

Want more details? See our transcoding platform and how we deliver files pages.

Aberdeen Station Portal

Stations have access to our Aberdeen Station Portal where station contacts can access, download, or initiate the re-delivery of files, at any time, even outside of business hours.

This tool has proven to serve as a reliable contingency in helping stations with emergency downloads thereby guaranteeing programs get to air.

The Station Portal also provides users with a convenient proxy player to QC deliveries for captions and content.

“Aberdeen’s Digital File Delivery comes in at the proper length, no editing involved and it can be copied right to our play server from a shared drive. Their workflow is efficient and effortless and the video quality is outstanding.”
Station Engineer – Christian Television Network (CTN)
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