Captioning for Education

Educational institutions, both public and private, are required to ensure equal access for students with disabilities, in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This is outlined under Title II for public universities and vocational schools, and Title III for private institutions. Additionally, Sections 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 mandate equal accessibility in any higher education system receiving federal funding.

Live Captioning for Universities

Value & Benefits

Closed captioning is not merely a compliance measure for legal standards; it significantly enhances the educational experience for all students, creating a more inclusive and engaging learning environment. This tool transcends its traditional role of aiding those with hearing difficulties. Research underscores that closed captions can elevate comprehension and retention, catering to a range of learning styles and needs. They are especially beneficial for students with learning disabilities, English as a Second Language (ESL) learners, and even those who do not identify as having hearing challenges. Additionally, closed captions assist in reviewing and reinforcing learning material outside the classroom.

Unfortunately, the value of closed captioning is often underestimated, and seen more as an economic burden than an educational asset. This perception overlooks the broad spectrum of students who benefit from captioned lectures and online courses. Recognizing its role in supporting diverse learning requirements, administrators should be encouraged to implement captioning universally, acknowledging its significance beyond serving the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. Overall, closed captioning emerges as a vital tool for all students, advocating for its broader adoption in educational settings.

Getting Started

Often, universities lag in allocating necessary funding for accessibility, only acting when faced with potential legal challenges from advocacy groups. This reactive approach overlooks the transformative role of captioning in education, particularly in enhancing learning experiences for all students.

Universities need not be daunted by the prospect of costly technological upgrades for classroom captioning. The process is straightforward and cost-effective. With just a clear audio connection, real-time captioners can deliver captions to various web platforms, utilizing devices students already own, such as laptops and mobile phones. This approach not only supports students with disabilities but also benefits all learners by providing clear, accessible lecture content.

To embrace their role in fostering inclusive education, universities can start by exploring simple yet effective academic captioning services. By prioritizing this, they ensure that learning is accessible to everyone, setting a standard for accessibility in higher education. Now is the time for educational institutions to act, making captioning a standard feature in classrooms, thus enriching the educational experience for every student.

Remember, the implementation of captioning services is not just a legal requirement but a step towards a more inclusive and equitable academic environment.

(but not limited to…)

  • Blackboard Connect
  • Granicus
  • Adobe Connect

  • Cisco WebEx
  • YouTube
  • Facebook Live

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Since 2001, Aberdeen Broadcast Services has been a trusted provider of captioning services, catering to a diverse clientele including the broadcast industry, local city municipalities, and universities. Our team is composed of seasoned professionals, each with extensive training and a profound grasp of a variety of academic disciplines. This depth of knowledge ensures that every lecture, seminar, and educational video we caption is handled with exceptional precision and clarity.

Our dedication to employing human captioners is a cornerstone of our approach. This commitment goes beyond merely ensuring the quality of our captions; it reflects our profound respect for the integrity and diversity of the content produced in higher education. By choosing Aberdeen Broadcast Services, educational institutions are not just selecting a service provider; they are embracing a philosophy that prioritizes the human element, meticulous attention to detail, and a steadfast dedication to the highest standards of accessibility and inclusivity.

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