Client Testimonials

"We can rest assured that once it [our program] leaves the building it's going to go to the end user, and the gospel is going to be clearly communicated in a high-quality manner in all of our outlets around the world. We know we have a huge cost savings with Aberdeen. We don't want to have to hire the staff that it takes to do exactly what they're doing with excellence." 
Daryl Allen
Executive Producer – Leading the Way with Dr. Michael Youseff
"In the midst of one of our most serious and stressful projects to date, the Aberdeen team was able to meet us with quick responses and a cheerful demeanor. To know I never have to be worried about calling someone with any question is HUGE. They should teach classes on customer service. I'm so glad we work with them!"
Photo of Katherine Hodges
Katherine Hodges
Marketing Manager
Good Feet Store
“Woodlands Church has used Aberdeen live captioning services since 2018. The audience engagement and measurable growth have been so positive that we've added captioning to an additional service.”
Photo of Vince Walker
Vince Walker
Online Campus Pastor
Woodlands Church
"In all my dealings with multiple companies, tv stations/networks, ministries, etc. within the industry, I can truly say Aberdeen is one of the most professional companies I have the privilege to work with.  It is quite unusual to get such good customer service with every individual at a company, but by far that is what I have and continue to experience with each team member at Aberdeen.  Not only do I receive excellent customer service that makes my job easier, the quality of work is outstanding as well.  Thank you for going above and beyond in all that you do!  You care about what you do and it shows!"
Rebecca Banks
Media Buyer – Master Media
"They’ve helped me as I’m learning the business of broadcast television, have been a great resource to understand what it takes on the delivery side, the captioning side, all the different file formats, and the steps that go into preparing a program."
Daniel Roberts
Media Planner/Digital Strategist, Lightquest Media 
"Aberdeen has proven to be fast and reliable. Their dedicated team ensures all technical aspects of closed captioning services and file transfers are executed in a timely manner. We are pleased with Aberdeen and will continue to utilize their services."
Photo of Joel Brooks
Joel Brooks
Trey Johnson Ministries
"Aberdeen has done an amazing job at updating our broadcast to the current generation. They take one video, do their magic, and send to our three stations with no issues or hiccups. They even added one of our stations in Ecuador that they never transmitted to before. Aberdeen does great work and I highly recommend them."
Photo of Nick Bennett
Nick Bennett
Program Manager
Fresh Touch Ministries
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"There’s been times when I’ve made mistakes and they’ve caught it. I really look at Aberdeen as that fourth set of eyes that’s going to take a look at it [our program] before it goes to television. Aberdeen has just been great in making my workflow so simple. I pass it off to Aberdeen and I really don’t have to worry about it."
Tim Cox
Director/Editor – Living Proof with Beth Moore
"We have been using Aberdeen for the past 3 years and have been very satisfied with the Closed Captioning work which they have done for us. Because we air programming on world-wide TV networks, it is vital that we have the best in Closed Captioning. I am safe in saying that we have never had any complaints from the networks or our viewers. A few times we have had to ask Aberdeen for special services in which they have met us more than half-way. With great pleasure I recommend Aberdeen and their friendly, ready to serve staff for all your closed captioning needs."
Photo of Aquila Nash
Aquila Nash
The Prophetic Whisperer
"Aberdeen helps us do all of our transcriptions for our television broadcast, as well as turning those files in to their end destinations, and they are always there on time. They have been patient with us. And I cannot tell you the level of excellence I have seen them reflect and it feels really good for us to see that because it partners well with us, because we also hold to that same level of excellence."
Angela Barrett
Media Development Manager – Allen Jackson Ministries
"What I love about working with Aberdeen is that they are great at getting it done quickly and efficiently. There have been times where we have needed to lean on them and they have done additional tasks for us that is a little bit out of the norm for our team and they never question. They just do it." 
Kelley Boland
Media Development – Allen Jackson Ministries 
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“Amazing customer service! We have been working with Aberdeen for over 5 years and they have always given us an excellent experience and are quick to resolve any issues we may face, even during the holidays! Would recommend to any company!”
Photo of Paola Sastoque
Paola Sastoque
Media & Communications Director 
Ministerio Int El Rey Jesus
“Aberdeen has been my ‘go to’ captioning and digital delivery service since 2008. They have been 100% reliable and consistent over all these years. When I’ve had rush jobs or any type of last minute changes they have always been able to accommodate my needs with professionalism and excellence. Aberdeen is my first recommendation to anyone looking for captioning services.”
Photo of Truett Hancock
Truett Hancock
Hancock Media
"I contacted them and was immediately impressed with how professional they were and how much they really wanted to help us. The trouble we had was that our local cable company was having issues sending out the captions. Most companies would capitalize on this fact and overcharge us while we had to make adjustments. Aberdeen did the opposite. They patiently waited on the line while we walked through all of our issues to get our system up and running. They even offered suggestions to help us since they work with other organizations. We ended up finding a perfect work around to produce our captions for our live broadcast and it's been heaven ever since. They are extremely professional. They all have such an upbeat personality and I really love how well they worked with not only me, but my whole team. We are lucky to have them, and I'm sure anyone that has had the opportunity to work with them will feel the same."
Joseph Long
Video Systems Engineer II, Prince William County Public Schools
I really appreciate their attention to detail, always being available. Matt and Becky, the entire team is wonderful to work with. They’re professional, but it’s also a family. They really give us ease and confidence when it comes to [program] delivery.
Amy Calvert
Former General Manger – GEB America
"Aberdeen has been a solid and trusted vendor with us for a few years. They're detail oriented, punctual, honest and professional. The procedures at Aberdeen assure me that my language services on our projects can be quickly and capably completed. It's been a pleasure to grow with them and we look forward to future collaborations with their team."
Photo of Roley Hinrichs
Riley Hinrichs
Production Coordinator
Suite Spot
"Aberdeen's team puts the customer first. From start to finish, their team communicates clearly and delivers on time and with quality. Anytime I have a concern I can reach out to them, and we can find the best way forward together. It's not easy finding vendors like them in this industry!"
Photo of Chris Zeller
Chris Zeller
Traffic Manager
Clocker Shade Productions
“Customer service, sadly, does not seem to be a priority with businesses and partners in this modern era. With automation and the lack of a personal touch, sometimes one can feel just like a number in the queue. Aberdeen Broadcast Services, however, breaks that mold, and is a true partner and advocate in this digital age. I know, no matter how complicated my delivery schedule is all over the world, that there is someone at Aberdeen who knows our account, our ministry, and our broadcast, and I can get a hold of them. There has never been an issue unresolved, nor a challenge too steep for them to tackle with us.”
Garrison Davis
Media Operations Manager  – Turning Point Ministries
"Time and time again, Aberdeen Broadcast Services has continued to provide quality closed captioning and digital delivery of my programs to multiple tv networks. I’ve never missed a delivery and have always passed QC. I consider Aberdeen a valuable resource and trusted production partner and I look forward to future production deliveries together…"
Photo of Sean Osborne
Sean Osborne
Producer of TV/Media
Solymar Entertainment, Inc.
"I love working with Aberdeen and the level of customer service they provide. They really do make my life (and my job) easier! I can’t say enough positive things about Aberdeen. They really are a joy to work with!"
Photo of Diane Penner-Kirchner
Diane Penner-Kirchner
Programming Director
Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller