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Case Study: Church’s Live Captioning Changes Lives

Aberdeen provides live captioning of a church service at Idlewild Church, allowing members of the congregation who are hard of hearing to be able to understand the message being preached.


Senior Pastor Ken Whitten of Idlewild Church realized that members of his congregation were sitting in silence. Although his message was being interpreted by a sign language interpreter, this service was only helpful to church members who actually knew sign language. There were newly deaf (adult-onset) and hard-of-hearing members in his church that had no way of understanding his sermon.

Solution and Execution

Idlewild Church set up large screen projectors with the live captioning streaming from an Aberdeen live captioner so the deaf and hard-of-hearing members could follow the message live.


The live captioning was a success and for the first time completed seamlessly; every member of the congregation had a clear understanding of the message being preached.

"Thanks Team for making yesterday memorable for so many. It’s just the beginning, but it would have never launched without you and your heart and hard work. You’re a blessing to labor with. I could have also talked about a lady who cried at 9:30 too. They are out there. One lady came to see me at the Pastor’s reception and told me she’s telling all her friends. Get ready. It’s meeting a need.”

Pastor Whitten