AberFast for Video Producers

Aberdeen makes the delivery of long-form programming not only possible but practical! Our way of receiving clients' files, embedding closed captions into station-specific codecs, and delivering the finished file to stations around the globe is a system we call AberFast. 

With AberFast, you get... 

  • Safe, reliable, and tracked transfers
  • Established and trusted relationships with stations
  • Single file upload to Aberdeen for multiple outlets
  • Audio & video review and correction
  • Enterprise-level transcoding
  • Your dedicated support team is available 24/7

How it Works

  1. Client exports from their edit system and uploads file via a secure portal or through an AberFast HotFolder automation.
  2. Video/audio review and correction (when correctable).
  3. Aberdeen does the captioning and/or language work if required.
  4. Client video is transcoded to a station-specific codec with closed captions.
  5. Files are visually QC'd and transferred via an automated HotFolder to TV stations and tracked through our online portal.
The AberFast Workflow from edit to broadcast

Uploading to Aberdeen

How to Upload

  • Secure customized portal –We handle thousands of files a month, so we designed an assets management system that separates and tracks your content from ingest to delivery.
  • This portal becomes your account’s home base by which all content will be uploaded to Aberdeen, tracked, and kept organized.

What to Upload

  • You may select an Aberdeen-approved video format from our list of preferred codecs/wrappers –all of which are easily created out of any major non-linear editing software.
  • We encourage large files to preserve the best video quality. High compression + low bit rates remove important detail from your video quality.
  • We will also give you guidelines and tips to follow for critical attributes.
  • Ancillary files – XML & sidecar captions.

The Secret Sauce

We have made exceptional quality the primary objective of AberFast  and have built our transcoding platform and automation around maintaining and delivering the same image quality that our clients see on the monitors in their edit bays. As part of our setup process, we also provide broadcast consulting and post-production support so our clients' files are as professional as possible.

And because we were founded as a closed captioning company, we are experts in embedding caption data in various broadcast formats. When we first establish relationships with stations, we often hear that among some of the most common issues they run up against with producers is the captioning work.

Three of the most common are…

  • Captions out of sync
  • Poor caption quality
  • Captions not present

Since Aberdeen was founded as a closed-captioning company,  AberFast  has a significant edge in station deliverables – we can embed captions in the native codec of any station's play-server file of choice. By creating a custom file for each station, we limit the amount of encoding a digital master goes through before it hits the air, making the delivery of the highest quality programs possible. 

Graphic Inserts

Simplify versioning. Make programs unique to your target markets with unique phone numbers or addresses, region-specific spots, or updated event dates on legacy content. Just send us a single master file without a phone number and we can make this happen for all your deliverables. Aberfast will create a template for each station that receives your program that allows for a unique phone number to be placed into the program at one or multiple points.

Just another way we use technology to make your life easier. See more details at: our transcoding platform.

Why Choose AberFast 

With safe and reliable transfers and data redundancy at every level, AberFast has become a proven provider of broadcast-ready video files to broadcasting outlets around the world. Our fast turnaround times for captioning and delivery ensure all digital files reach their stations on time. Multiple manual and software quality control stages in the AberFast process make certain every program delivered meets TV stations' high standards.

From edit to air… we'll get you there!

See our Aberdeen Broadcast Standards to choose your best export settings and begin partnering with AberFast for all your deliverables.

"I love working with Aberdeen and the level of customer service they provide. They really do make my life (and my job) easier! I can’t say enough positive things about Aberdeen. They really are a joy to work with!"
Programming Director – Hour of Power
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