Live Captioning Services

Any meeting, any event, any church service - basically anything that is spoken - can be live captioned. Aberdeen offers this service to government agencies, universities, churches, and more to give the deaf and hard of hearing equal access. Whether it be council members, students, or members of your congregation, all can join in real-time either via a television broadcast, online stream, webinar, or even onsite from a web-enabled portable or mobile device.

How Aberdeen Captioning Works

  1. A highly trained and experienced real-time captioner remotely watches and listens to your program/webinar/meeting/etc. in real-time, and he/she types every spoken word by using a special stenographic keyboard.
  2. Their computer translates the steno into English text, formatted as captions.
  3. The caption data is sent to a physical caption encoder or online platform through a modem and phone line or over IP.
  4. Finally, the captions are encoded into the signal continuously as the program happens.

What Is the Difference Between Live and Post Production Closed Captioning?

Live captioning is done by a real-time captioner using a special steno machine. Because they are writing live, they do not have the ability to go back and fix any mistakes. This type of captioning is done for live programming, like a sports game, news broadcast, or awards ceremony.

Post-production captioning is captioned by a caption editor who uses a transcript written by a professional transcriber. This is done for shows that are prerecorded for a later broadcast. The caption editor has the ability to fix up the program perfectly and make any additional corrections specified by the client.

The Aberdeen Advantage

We know that our captioning can only be as good as those who create them. That's why we have spent years growing a team of highly trained, experienced captioners with the largest known dictionaries in the industry, always choosing the best captioner for your particular program genre. Although we guarantee our captioners to write 200 words a minute with 98% accuracy or higher, our captioners can type from around 250 to 300+ words per minute. You'll find our live writers to always be on time, reliable, and never miss a millisecond of your programming.

In addition to our skilled writers, check out the unique services our clients enjoy:

  • Live captioning managers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—even at 2:00 a.m.!
  • Multiple caption formats (transcripts, CC files, etc.) for post-production use and archiving are available. This service is unheard of in the live-captioning industry.
  • Transcripts of events available.
  • We are up-to-date on the latest cutting-edge technology, allowing us to offer each of our clients individualized solutions. Tell us about your elaborate setup and we'll make captions happen the most efficient way possible.

Our Proven Process

We approach each project request with a patient and thorough evaluation of the Client and their needs. This helps ensure that both teams understand the technical setup and our writers are properly briefed and prepared for every event. It’s a process that we have established and implemented for 20 years with proven success.

“Woodlands Church has used Aberdeen live captioning services since 2018. The audience engagement and measurable growth have been so positive that we've added captioning to an additional service.”
Vince W.
Online Campus Pastor – Woodlands Church
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