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Modern Broadcast Services

Captioning & Distribution

Captioning & Distribution

A paid programming solution that manages the final preparation of your media for any broadcast outlet or web-based platform.

Live Captioning

Live Captioning

Real-time captioning services to ensure that your live broadcast, event, or meeting is compliant and accessible to a larger audience.

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AberCap Closed Catpioning for Broadcast and the Web

Closed Captioning

Committed to the Word.
We offer both live (real-time) and post (offline) captioning services to ensure that your content is widely accessible and delivers the full experience for all audiences.
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Transcoding & Broadcast Distribution Services

Digital file delivery services for modern-day broadcast media.

Our broadcast-specific workflows, paired with our own round of video & audio QC/correction, create custom transcoded files that are guaranteed to be delivered on time and pass all worldwide broadcast standards.
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Translation, Subtitling,
and Dubbing

Breaking through geographical and language barriers.

Turning your words into theirs, we offer translation services, multi-language subtitling services, and voice dubbing services for all forms of media.
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