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Photo of the Aberdeen Management Team


From edit to air, we’ll get you there.

From their humble beginnings to over 80 team members strong, Aberdeen has branched out from being just a captioning company to much more—providing not only closed captioning services, but language services, as well as custom video transcoding and digital file distribution services.

What was once Aberdeen Captioning Inc., is now Aberdeen Broadcast Services, and is comprised of three core departments: AberCap, AberFast, and AberLingo.

Our core focus is serving the broadcast community where the combination of captioning and file delivery provides a much-needed last-logistical link between the producer and the broadcast outlet. We have worked hard to earn a reputation of trust where we ensure the producers’ program is delivered on time, allowing the editor to sleep soundly.

We know that we’re not only simplifying the workflow for the broadcasters we serve but also making a difference for the viewers who depend on accessible programming. By providing accurate, high-quality captioning work for the viewers, we ensure equal access and an enjoyable program experience for all.


To build a trusted company, develop great people
and deliver second-mile service

Why Aberdeen?

Technological know-how

Understanding technology and knowing how it works is what sets us apart from our competitors. Technology is always changing and improving, and it requires building a team that is dedicated to keeping up with it. At Aberdeen, we have invested in a technical team and continue to invest in the technology.
We have engineers specializing in every aspect of the broadcast and video industry, making your life (and your teams’ lives) that much easier. We take what is available on the market today and make it work for you tomorrow.


Restoring faith in customer service

Customer service is a lost art today. But at Aberdeen, it's probably the only "old-fashioned" thing on which we pride ourselves. Our phones are answered every time by one of our team members in our California office – we’ll even answer the phones outside of office hours as we offer a 24/7 emergency line. You can always get a hold of somebody at Aberdeen. All of our Managers and Sales Engineers are available at any time of the day.
We answer e-mails, and we answer them fast. It is not rare for an Aberdeen Operations Manager to be answering e-mails late on a Sunday night and responding quickly to an urgent need. Our team works on weekends and late nights frequently to make your desired turnarounds happen.

Simply put: You can reach us when it is convenient for you and we'll work for you when you need us.


Long-term thinking

We offer services thinking of what tomorrow's technology could bring. We think about sustaining our business for the future so we will be around for our clients and our employees. We treat our clients in such a way to nurture a long-term mutually beneficial relationship. We care for our employees by investing in their future and offering excellent benefits, competitive pay, as well as supporting their goals and family life.
We hope to have our clients and employees with us for the long-term. We do this by improving our products and services as needs change and as technology changes. For our employees, we do this by supporting a healthy work-life balance, even if this means setting up remote workstations so mothers and fathers can be closer to their children. For our clients, we’re always offering new services as their needs change. We value our relationships today and tomorrow.


Humble Beginnings

It all started around a campfire with Matt and his two sisters, Amy and Becky. Becky’s degree was in broadcasting and she had worked in Los Angeles at a sound studio for a couple of years before most recently running a missionary school in Bulgaria. Amy had started her career as a court reporter and had just transitioned to live closed captioning.

At the campfire, Amy was telling her siblings that the captioning business was rapidly growing in response to new laws enforced by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Matt brought his engineering and business skills to the table, Becky brought her background in broadcast media, and they put their heads together. As the first tech bubble was beginning to burst, they all decided that a business in an industry that was growing as a result of new laws was probably a smart move.

Aberdeen Captioning was started in a 50 square-foot office. Becky and Matt sat back-to-back – so close that their chairs were touching and it took careful coordination to maneuver around. There was a half-rack of Beta decks and caption encoders in Becky and Amy’s apartment so Amy could work from home after she finished her day job. After six months of outbound calls and a successful tradeshow, Aberdeen landed a few clients that sparked a forward momentum which has allowed the company to grow to where it is today.

The Aberdeen Name

By Matt Cook

How did we come up with the Aberdeen name? It’s really a Divine story. We made a list that included Cook Captioning, Tri-Cook Captioning, Biblical names, etc. Becky and Amy both said, “We can’t use ‘Cook’ because we are going to get married someday!” The other names just didn’t feel right and we knew that customers would find us in online directories that are usually in alphabetical order, so we knew we wanted a name that would appear at the top of an alphabetical list. A couple weeks go by and Amy calls me at 10:30 on a Sunday night and she says “I got it – Aberdeen-- Aberdeen Captioning!” I repeated it to myself and it had a super nice feel and it started with “A” then “b”. Amy said, “I was in Aberdeen, TX when I decided to make some serious changes in my life.”

I’m thinking that now the name has a story and a great meaning. I’m sold. I called Becky and told her and she was sold too. Done! A couple of months go by and Amy realizes that she was in Abilene, TX not Aberdeen. Divine part... Our grandfather was from Scotland and the main port city in Scotland is Aberdeen , the "Granite City" ...Translate to: Company built on the Rock. It was meant to be all along!


Core Members

Photo of Matt Cook

Matt Cook

Matt took his engineering background as well as business skills and incredible vision to create a company known for its customer service and cutting-edge technology. More than two decades after founding Aberdeen, his passion still lies in building a company that will stand the test of time with happy clients and even happier employees. He strives to keep Aberdeen at the forefront of technology as can be seen with AberFast and AberFast Lite – our cloud-based digital delivery and transcoding service and our move to AWS and Salesforce as a fully functioning cloud-based environment from sales to operations to accounting.

Matt is known for his million-mile-a-minute brain that never quite shuts down completely. His spare time is filled to the brim with his wife Cathy as they chase their kids all over the country/world playing soccer and volleyball. In the wee hours of the morning, you can find him on a remote Orange County single-track mountain bike trail or enjoying coffee with Cathy on their deck.
Photo of Deepthi

Deepthi Yathiender

Executive Vice President
Deepthi serves as the Integrator at Aberdeen, driving the execution of strategic initiatives. Originally from Bangalore, India, she moved to the United States to complete her Master's in Computer Science at UCLA. She began her journey at Aberdeen in 2016 as a Software Engineer to lead the company's transition to cloud and serverless technologies. In 2023, she assumed an executive leadership role to turn Matt’s visionary ideas into reality with her adeptness at synthesizing complex concepts and mobilizing teams.

Deepthi’s fascination for technology started young. At three years old, she was already gaming, and by eight, she was competing with people from all over the world. California is Deepthi’s home away from home where she enjoys the supportive climate and continues working on her passion for technology. She loves to travel and takes every opportunity to visit her family and reconnect with her roots in India.
Photo of Cindy Natoniewski

Cindy Natoniewski

Finance & HR Manager
Cindy, originally from Southern California, joined Aberdeen in 2017, finding it a great match for her career journey. She brought extensive experience from roles in customer service, human resources, and finance, across both corporate and small business environments. Drawn to Aberdeen's family-like culture, her adaptability and commitment have greatly contributed to its team's success and positive workplace environment.

In 2019, Cindy and her husband John, a longtime AT&T employee, decided to start a new chapter. With their 4 children and grandchildren spread across the country, they moved to the Dallas area, where AT&T is headquartered. This transition to a remote setting aligned well with Aberdeen's use of new technologies and regular visits to the Rancho Santa Margarita office have helped maintain her successful integration with the team.
Photo of Tyler Jackson

Tyler Jackson

Live Operations Manager
After almost 2 decades spent in retail management, Tyler was given the opportunity in July of 2022 to pursue a new career with Aberdeen Broadcast Services. His industrious work ethic and years of leadership experience made him a great fit for our Live Operations Manager.

Born and raised in beautiful Orange County CA, he grew up in a loving family of 8, where every day was an adventure. His spare time is spent with his wife and 3 kids, where they enjoy going to local parks and trails or visiting the occasional amusement park.
Photo of Dinesh

Dinesh Raghavan

AberFast Manager & Lead Software Engineer
Often known as a man of few words, yet impactful, Dinesh Raghavan joined Aberdeen in 2020 as a Software Engineer to help the team make the transition to cloud-based order processing and delivery. His passion for technology and the drive to automate and streamline AberFast Digital Delivery meant he had to take on a second role as the AberFast Delivery Manager. He strives to ensure Aberdeen continues riding the wave of cutting-edge technology.

Dinesh was raised in Chennai, India, and comes from humble roots. His American Dream came true when he was accepted into Texas A&M University, College Station to pursue his Master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Not too long after joining his Masters, Dinesh discovered another passion - American Football. In his spare time, Dinesh researches statistics and trends to climb the ladder in fantasy football. As a millennial manager, he idolizes Bill Belichick and Sean McVay and learns from their leadership manners to build great team camaraderie at Aberdeen. If there’s any time left after Aberdeen, NFL, Soccer, Formula 1, and Cricket, Dinesh spends time traveling and hiking with his wife.
Photo of Alyssa Dunagan

Alyssa Dunagan

Client Sucess Manager
Alyssa brought her strong background in customer service to Aberdeen in 2015 as an Account Manager on our operations team. After being a huge support to our daily operational processes, she joined our sales team to help support and build long-lasting relationships with our partners and prospects. Alyssa has a great understanding of our core processes and has the tools to build unique workflows to make each project a success. Because of her dedication to client satisfaction, you may see her replying to calls and emails at all times of the day to make sure that everyone is getting everything that they need.

When not at the office, she is home with her family, with 3 young boys, and in her spare time, she enjoys being outdoors and traveling with her family.
Photo of Steve Holmes

Steve Holmes

Senior Sales Engineer
As Aberdeen’s first sales team hire in 2007, Steve has drawn on his video production and customer service experiences to service a loyal client base. His consultative approach removes the anxiety of choosing a captioning and distribution partner. He’s helped ministries, churches, Fortune 500s, independent producers, municipalities, and higher education institutions navigate an ever-changing digital landscape.

In addition to helping distribute content, Steve’s also looking to deliver some laughs. He most enjoys being silly with his best friend and wife, Melissa, and their three young daughters. Steve loves the Lord, his family, songwriting, and playing guitar. While basketball is still a favorite also, it’s jump shots over dunks these days.

After 40+ years as a Californian native, Steve and his family embarked on a new adventure as part of an out-of-state church plant just outside Boise, Idaho, where he continues his career as Aberdeen’s longest-tenured employee.
Photo of Tony Baltayan

Tony Baltayan

Senior Sales Engineer
Tony brings his passion for TV and movies to the Aberdeen team. With over a decade of experience as a video editor, Tony has a great ability to geek out with his clients over things like codecs, frame rates, audio levels, and color saturation. He excels in finding the best solution for customers while keeping things simple and easy to understand.

When he’s not in the office, you can usually find him tearing up a golf course (literally, there are divots everywhere). He lives with his wife Kristen and their two dogs, Nash, and Wylie. His favorite films rarely score higher than 60% on the Rotten Tomato’s Tomatometer and he’s not ashamed of that. Weekends are spent going to the dog park, watching football, and trying new food pairings. A couple of his favorites are ricotta, fig, and prosciutto bruschetta, which comes in a close second behind a good bleu cheese, pork belly, and balsamic glaze wedge salad.