Post Production Broadcast Captioning

Any programming that is recorded before broadcast (not live) is required to be captioned in a post-production, or off-line setting.

A trained writer will transcribe the audio of the program, including sound effects and music. The transcript is sent to an experienced caption editor, who will then transform the text into captions using captioning software. The captions are then timed to match the spoken audio perfectly and are strategically placed on the screen to avoid graphics or people's faces.

Aberdeen's post-production caption editors are not only detail-oriented and grammar savvy, but they also keep in mind the most important element of closed captioning—the viewer. Our captioners strive to portray every element of the program with 100% accuracy so that the viewer misses nothing.

FCC Compliant Post-Production Captioning

All broadcast captioning work will be certified and compliant with all current FCC guidelines, including the captioning standards introduced in March of 2015 focusing on four specific areas:

  1. Closed Captioning must match the spoken words in the original language without paraphrasing. Song lyrics and nonverbal information, such as the identity of the speaker and any sound effects or audience reactions present in the program, will be captioned.
  2. Captions need to be accurately synchronized to match the video and audio content displayed at a readable speed.
  3. Captions are required to be complete and present through the full length of the program.
  4. Lastly, proper placement dictates that captions cannot block important visual content like the speaker's faces and any graphics or text on the screen.

Certificates of Closed Captioning Compliance will be issued for all levels of broadcast captioning provided by Aberdeen. Certificates are to be made widely available to consumers, Video Programming Distributors, and other interested parties by the content creator according to Section 79.1(j)(1) of the FCC Closed Captioning Quality Report and Order.

The Turnkey Solution: AberFast Digital File Delivery

The real key to post-production captioning is the delivery of the final product to the station. We can provide all options to include caption files, NLE files, tape, or do the complete file delivery with our AberFast division.

How It Works:

  1. Client uploads a file or sends a tape to Aberdeen.
  2. Aberdeen transcribes, captions and QCs program.
  3. Aberdeen delivers the final program to TV Station via AberFast digital file delivery service.

Our Proven Process

We approach each project request with a patient and thorough evaluation of the Client and their needs. This helps ensure that we set up the workflows to get the program to its end destinations on time and looking the absolute best. It’s a process that we have established and implemented for 20 years with proven success.

"Because we air programming on world-wide TV networks, it is vital that we have the best in Closed Captioning. With great pleasure I recommend Aberdeen and their friendly, ready to serve staff for all your closed captioning needs."
Aquilla Nash
Host - The Prophetic Whisper
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