Broadcast Delivery to Any TV Station or Web-based Platform

Our station-specific workflows, paired with our own round of video & audio QC/correction, produce custom transcoded files that are sure to pass all worldwide broadcast standards.

Aberdeen Broadcast Services Advantage

Our Advantage

Aberdeen has partnered with industry-leading software manufacturers in the areas of transcoding, video QC/correction, and file delivery. Our transcoding platform, the heart of AberFast, resides in the industry-leading AWS Cloud. 

With safe and reliable transfers and data redundancy at every level, AberFast has become the proven provider of broadcast-ready video files to broadcasting outlets around the world.
Digital files delivered in 2021
Webinar Replay: An Overview of AberFast Broadcast Transcoding & Station Delivery

Because delivering content to broadcast outlets is the end product of our AberFast Transcoding & Station Delivery service, it's common…

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Why AberFast?

Aberdeen makes the delivery of long-form programming not only possible, but practical! Our file transfer solution maintains high data speeds over long distances for dependable connections and transfer times up to 80% faster than traditional FTP. AberFast's automated transfers provide email notifications for receipt and delivery to ensure every client knows exactly when their program has been successfully delivered.
Originating as a closed captioning company has provided us an advantage in creating the secret sauce – knowing where to put the closed-caption data in hundreds of codec/wrapper combinations. In addition to all this great technical knowledge comes the main advantage – passionate customer service.

From edit to air… we’ll get you there!
“I know, no matter how complicated my delivery schedule is all over the world, that there is someone at Aberdeen who knows our account, our ministry, and our broadcast, and I can get a hold of them.”
Garrison D.
Media Operations Manager - Turning Point Ministries
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