YouTube Closed Captioning

Aberdeen Broadcast Services is certified as an approved "YouTube Ready" vendor by the Described and Captioned Media Program (DCMP). Funded by the U.S. Department of Education and administered by the National Association of the Deaf, the DCMP verifies and monitors the capabilities of captioning companies on their ability to meet the captioning requirements.

Sample Video showing our Basic Level Caption option in both English & Spanish. (click the "CC" button on the player to turn on captions and choose the settings icon to select language)

Pricing & Service Options for YouTube Closed-Captioning:

Basic Level Captions for YouTube & Web-only Players

  • Transcription included.
  • Aberdeen's caption editors manually create a time-coded text of your video (Delivery format: .scc for YouTube).
  • Text is broken in basic pop-on caption blocks.
  • No sounds effects or music notes included in captions (song lyrics captioned if provided).
  • No sounds effects or speaker ID included in captions.
  • Transcript & caption timing have an accuracy rate of 98% or higher.

Enhanced Level Captions for YouTube & Web-only Players

  • Transcription included.
  • Aberdeen's caption editors manually create a time-coded text of your video (delivery format: .scc for YouTube).
  • Captions carefully placed for desired reading rate · Text is broken up for pop-on captions per DCMP guidelines for YouTube.
  • Sound effects and speaker ID present in captioning.
  • Caption placement on-screen and movement supported on YouTube with .scc file export.
  • 24 & 48-hour turnaround available.

Transcription for YouTube (text with no time codes)

  • Aberdeen provides you with a verbatim transcript to your video (Delivery format: .txt with no time codes).
  • YouTube's captioning technology syncs the text (English ONLY) with your video to create timed captioning.
  • 24 & 48-hour turnaround available.

Multi-language Translation for YouTube

  • Aberdeen translates the original (source) language of your video to the desired translated (target) language(s)- (source/original language is not limited to English).
  • We provide a time-coded translated text of each desired language (Delivery format: .scc for YouTube).
  • A professional, experienced translator native in target language performs translation.
  • If desired, client review, correction and approval process is offered.
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee—we will make any changes needed until you are satisfied at no extra cost · Click here for a client's multi-language YouTube video we completed (translation by client's volunteers).

The YouTube Process


  • Set-up your account with Aberdeen and submit an order.
  • Log in to your YouTube videos page, select your video, and choose Download MP4 .
  • Upload MP4 to Aberdeen.


  • Perform requested service.
  • E-mail client the .scc or .txt for YouTube.


  • Log into YouTube account, choose the corresponding video, click captions, and add your caption file (.scc for YouTube) or text file (.txt with no time codes). For help, go to YouTube's Help Center.
  • Send a link of the captioned video to clients and friends and/or embed in website.

Scenarist Closed Caption (.scc file extension) files are YouTube's preferred file format. However, Aberdeen can provide all basic or advanced caption file exports needed to support your cross-platform web media players.

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