The Power of Closed Captions: Boosting Views and SEO on YouTube

YouTube and Google have begun indexing video content based on the text present in closed captions and subtitles. Therefore, ensuring that your video includes closed captions can significantly boost views, as your video will now rank for words contained within the closed-captioned text. This text not only assists search engines but also aids in indexing and ranking specific key phrases.

Mark Robertson authored an article on his website titled "In-Depth Look at YouTube Closed Captions, SEO, and YouTube Indexing," where he delves into the numerous advantages of adding closed captions to YouTube videos. Beyond improving accessibility and expanding your video's global reach through multi-language subtitles, Robertson highlights another notable benefit—advanced search filtering. Both Google and YouTube enable users to filter their video searches to include only those with associated closed captions. If your web video lacks closed captions, you're not only limiting its accessibility but also missing out on a straightforward marketing strategy.

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