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Human-generated Captions vs. Adobe Speech-to-text

In the July ‘21 release of Premiere Pro, Adobe introduced its artificial intelligence (AI) powered speech-to-text engine to help creators…

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Regal Cinema’s Closed Captioning Glasses

Earlier this month, a team of Aberdeen caption editors took an educational field trip to the cinema! We were excited…

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A Brief Introduction of the Chinese Language

Think about what you know about the English language. Alphabet letters combine to form words. Words represent different parts of…

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Increasing Your National Viewership with Spanish Captions

One of the main goals of every producer is to try to reach the maximum amount of viewers every time…

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Understanding Google Translate

Why would I need to pay for professional translation services if I have access to Google Translate? To begin, there…

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Perfecting the Art of Voice Dubbing: The Director's Role

Many of us in the U.S. who watch foreign films enjoy the subtitle text on the screen as a way to…

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To Sell, Or Not To Sell or Techmunity

To sell, or not to sell, that is the question.  As a “sales guy,” in a sales position, that should…

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Debunking Closed Captioning Myths

Three months ago I debuted in the Closed Captioning (CC) world when I started working with Aberdeen Captioning. Needless to…

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Flash Your Captions to The World

Though we are stuck in one location with one official language in one country, it doesn't mean the videos that…

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Translation Hangover

How many ways are there to translate a word from one language to another? Sometimes it’s as simple as translating…

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