Regal Cinema’s Closed Captioning Glasses

Earlier this month, a team of Aberdeen caption editors took an educational field trip to the cinema! We were excited to check out Sony’s closed captioning glasses offered at Regal Cinemas. We decided to watch Hillsong’s “Let Hope Rise” documentary.

Our captioning team awaiting their showtime. Left to right: Nathan, Austin, Christina, and Brittany

We were surprised at how easy the process was—you simply need to check that accessibility devices are available for the movie you want to see. After you purchase your tickets, head over to guest services and request the glasses. Unfortunately, there were only 4 pairs of glasses available so we had to share.

The team sporting the Sony's Access Glasses. Left to right: Christina, Brittany, Nathan, and Flora

The glasses fit like heavy 3-D glasses. They are attached to a small receiver box where you can choose mid, near, or far distance and even change the brightness of the text.  (You can also choose different languages if available and there is a headphone output if you desire described audio as well.)

Christina's POV through Sony's Access Glasses

The captions appear in bright green font and “move” on the screen depending on where you look or how you tilt your head (which took a little getting used to).  This technology is wonderful for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community and is likely going to encourage these viewers to choose Regal over other theaters. We had a blast evaluating the closed captions as we watched and were all pretty impressed with the movie theater glasses.

The field trip was even more rewarding for our team because of our longstanding relationship with the Hillsong team. The influx of content due to the June 1st Hillsong Channel launch has exposed more of our captioners to their productions and, along the way, created a few more super-fans of their work. They all jumped at the opportunity to check out their new theatrical release.

Here’s the trailer for the documentary...