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We are Solution Driven

When we launched our new website last year, we also made the move host it on the .IO domain. Why?…

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Aberdeen Implements Tachyon's Software-based Standards Conversion

Aberdeen Broadcast Services completes implementation of industry leading standards conversion software Tachyon. The quality of our client’s programs is at…

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Hillsong Church Launches New 24/7 TV Channel

Today, in a partnership with Trinity Broadcasting Network, Hillsong Church has launched The Hillsong Channel. The 24-hour channel will feature…

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GEB America: 2016 Full Power TV Station of the Year

Aberdeen would like to extend our heartfelt praises to our client, and trusted AberFast station partner, GEB America on being…

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Broadcast Leader Elements

Television stations will provide detailed instructions of their broadcast requirements for producers to follow prior to submitting their program. However, before exploring the technical specifications of the bit rate, codec, wrapper, GOP structure, etc. you’ll need to make sure you add your broadcast leader elements to your timeline.

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We love L.A.! …and the Feeling is Mutual

Aberdeen Broadcast Services is honored to confidently proclaim that we have secured our position as a trusted and reliable vendor…

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The Importance of 4:3 Center-cut Safe

The introduction of high definition television super-sized our television sets from the square look of the 4:3 aspect ratio, to…

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Being Mindful of Broadcast Down Conversion

Did you know that the majority of the US viewership is actually watching in SD? A recent Nielsen study states…

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Aberdeen Broadcast Services at the NAB Show 2015

Audible exhales could be heard throughout the nearly 1 million square feet of exhibit space as the final closing announcement…

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5 Ways to (Not) Screw Up Your Digital Video for Broadcast Television

Unfortunately professional broadcast video production is not as easy as uploading a video from your iPhone to your YouTube account. Creating…

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