Aberdeen Values: We are Solution Driven

When we launched our new website last year, we also made the move host it on the .IO domain. Why? Because all of the advancements we're executing behind the scenes that help ensure we're captioning and delivering media in the most advanced and efficient way possible are connected by our application programming interfaces ("APIs") built on this domain. Having our website on the same domain is a reminder of our continued dedication to our clients to improve, and highlights one of our core values: to be solution driven.

Our most considerable investment was our move to the AWS platform – the gold standard in the industry and what more than 40% of cloud computing is run on. This move not only permitted us to work uninterrupted by the current global pandemic, but it also allows us to expedite those quick-turn broadcast deliveries for our clients without losing that personal touch or eyes-on review by our AberFast engineers that makes our video delivery service unique.

Here’s our President, Matt Cook, explaining how a client came to us with a new challenge of captioning and delivering time-sensitive content – where every minute counts – and how we found the perfect solution for them:

While the delivery time frame is shrinking, viewers still expect quality — as do the broadcast outlets and online platforms that make content available. We are well aware of these pressures and that’s why we encourage you to bring us your challenges so our team can find the most efficient workflow for you.

Engineering solutions is one of our commitments to our clients and one of the values to which our team is dedicated.