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Aberdeen Values: We Are Team Players

At Aberdeen, we know the success of our company and our clients is dependent on the collective contributions and positive collaboration of all our team members. When we are all working toward the same goal, it’s important that each member of our team applies their areas of expertise and skills to achieve that goal. Successful teamwork balances a team’s abilities with the needs of the company, resulting in a more collaborative culture – and we’re all about that!

This carries over to our relationship with our clients. Our mantra has always been that when we come alongside your business, we’d like you to feel like we are an extension of your team. Think of our entire team as an additional member of yours that is always available – we’re the one that comes in early and stays late.

We recently took on a project from a long-time client and with all teams involved embracing that team-player mentality, communication was a breeze and everyone played a key role in coordinating a successful launch of our AberFast Lite service.

Here’s our President, Matt Cook, talking about what the value means to him along with a snippet from a discussion with our client on the project, John McKinnon of In Touch Ministries, where they discuss how the value of team players was the driving force behind everyone reaching their goal.

The full case study and interview with In Touch Ministries’ John McKinnon can be found here:

This approach to tackling projects together as a team is a huge factor behind the success and excellence we bring to our service every day. We look forward to working with you and your team.