Webinar Replay: An Overview of AberFast Broadcast Transcoding & Station Delivery

Because delivering content to broadcast outlets is the end product of our AberFast Transcoding & Station Delivery service, it's common for it to be looked at as just a delivery service - but there is in fact a lot more that goes into the preparation of the files before delivery.

On September 15, 2022, Matt Cook (President, Aberdeen Broadcast Services) hosted this 30-minute webinar where he took a deep dive into our AberFast service, covering the whole process from upload to broadcast. Matt went in-depth on the audio/video QC & correction methods, graphic inserts, standards/resolution conversions, transcoding & delivery methods, and introduced our station and client portals for real-time updates on all projects.

With over 61,000 digital files delivered in 2021, AberFast has become a proven provider of broadcast-ready video files to broadcasting outlets around the world and this is how we make it all happen!