Webinar Replay: An Overview of AberFast Broadcast Transcoding & Station Delivery

Delivering content to broadcast outlets is a critical final step in Aberdeen Broadcast Services' AberFast Transcoding & Station Delivery service. However, this process is more than just a digital file delivery service; it encompasses a comprehensive preparation of digital files before their final delivery.

On September 15, 2022, Matt Cook, the President of Aberdeen Broadcast Services, hosted an informative 30-minute webinar. This event provided an exclusive look into the AberFast service, offering a detailed walkthrough of the entire process, from the initial upload of content to its final broadcast. Matt Cook delved deep into various aspects of the service, including meticulous audio and video quality control, correction methods, and the intricacies of inserting graphics. He also explained the complexities involved in standards and resolution conversions, the nuances of transcoding, and the various methods of delivery.

Furthermore, the webinar introduced attendees to the station and client portals that Aberdeen offers. These portals are designed to give clients and stations real-time updates on their projects, ensuring transparency and efficiency in the process.

In 2021 alone, AberFast successfully delivered over 61,000 digital files, establishing itself as a reliable provider of broadcast-ready video files to broadcasting outlets globally. This webinar revealed the intricate processes and attention to detail that enable Aberdeen to deliver such high-quality, broadcast-ready content consistently.