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Video Conferencing Caption Quality Addressed in the Latest CVAA Report

On October 11, 2022, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released the latest CVAA biennial report to Congress, evaluating the current…

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Webinar Replay: An Overview of AberFast Broadcast Transcoding & Station Delivery

Delivering content to broadcast outlets is a critical final step in Aberdeen Broadcast Services' AberFast Transcoding & Station Delivery service.…

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Decoding Captions: Understanding the Differences between Open and Closed Captions

Open captions and closed captions are both used to provide text-based representations of spoken dialogue or audio content in videos,…

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Accuracy of Human-generated Captions vs. Adobe Speech-to-text

In the July ‘21 release of Premiere Pro, Adobe introduced its artificial intelligence (AI) powered speech-to-text engine to help creators…

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How to Optimize Zoom Closed Caption Settings

As popular and ubiquitous Zoom has become, it can be overwhelming to understand its multiple meeting features and options – especially in regards to closed captioning.

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Debunking Closed Captioning Myths

Closed captioning is an essential aspect of modern media consumption, bridging the gap of accessibility and inclusivity for diverse audiences.…

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Aberdeen Values: We Are Team Players

At Aberdeen, we know the success of our company and our clients is dependent on the collective contributions and positive…

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Aberdeen Celebrates 20 Years in Business

Last month, Aberdeen celebrated a significant company milestone – our 20th anniversary! The Aberdeen team, along with past employees, friends,…

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Case Study: Satellite Replacement with Terrestrial Delivery

In the fall of 2020, Aberdeen’s AberFast engineers were presented with a challenge: find an alternative for broadcasters who utilize…

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A Conversation with Arlington County's Government Cable Channel

In this video, Becky Isaacs, Executive Vice President of Aberdeen Broadcast Services, interviews Rob and David from Arlington County, Virginia.…

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