AberFast Lite

The spectrum auction sanctioned by the FCC has cut the number of available satellite transponders in half, leading broadcasters who use satellite feeds for program delivery to find alternative options. The answer has been in front of us for a while: terrestrial IP-based file delivery.

Since 2010, our AberFast Station Delivery service has successfully delivered over half a million broadcast-ready files all over the world. We have been proving that IP-based program delivery is practical and the future of broadcast delivery, which is why we heavily invested our time and money in this technology, allowing us to spin off a new service for satellite replacement: AberFast Lite.

By using terrestrial IP delivery, AberFast Lite provides an alternative to satellite delivery for video producers sending a single-version program to 40+ TV stations. As the name indicates, this is a LITE version of our full-service AberFast Station Delivery but with no sacrifice to the overall quality of the final program.

AberFast Lite is more flexible and has been less prone to failure than a regular SAT feed. Less equipment that staff needs know to use, or troubleshoot when things don't go as planned. Ideally, I'd get a lot more file/program deliveries that way.

Sean Griffis, Good Life Broadcasting WTGL-TV45

Satellite Delivery vs. AberFast Lite Delivery

Satellite delivery involves additional equipment that has to be maintained and delivery (recording) is tied to a specific day, time, and coordinates. It requires someone to be available at this time to receive the program. This can be disrupted by the weather and additional factors like not having the coordinates tuned-in correctly.

With AberFast Lite, delivery is not affected by weather or equipment problems. AberFast Lite does not require additional equipment and/or maintenance and does not require or rely on station personnel to set up the recording for a specific day, time, etc.

If there are issues recording the program from satellite or a feed is missed, a station is forced to scramble to find another option to obtain the program from the producers. Oftentimes this is a burden on both the station and the producer as they race against the clock to avoid a missed airtime.

AberFast Lite provides a much more flexible delivery method and files are available earlier and longer. The file is sent to the station via hot folders and can be accessed any time of the day, 24/7. If a station deletes the file accidentally, it can be accessed and re-downloaded at any time through AberFast’s Station Portal.

You no longer have to change the coordinates and check for sound before the recording. Here we have a watch folder that will automatically transfer the files for ingest. All a operator would need to do is name it and check the on air version. Your product is reliable, I have yet to contact you about a problem. It should be a testament to your product.

Thanh Nguyen, KAZT-TV AZTV7

The Overall Process

  1. Client uploads source file to Aberdeen
  2. Aberdeen creates closed captions, if required
  3. Aberdeen transcodes the video into 5 predominant broadcast file formats
  4. Aberdeen delivers the files to TV stations based on the preferred file format chosen by each station
  5. TV stations will receive a delivery email notification including program details with a link to Aberdeen’s AberFast Station Portal where the file can be downloaded as needed. An additional option of a download link, sent via email, to be made available as needed.
  6. The client receives an email notification once all files have been delivered

Aberdeen has provided us excellent service for years, and we expect the same from AberFast Lite. [With AberFast Lite] we don't have to schedule recordings or do file conversions to make it compatible. Closed captions are more consistent. [And] 5G interference may soon degrade our satellite feeds even more.

Angel Conger, KSCE-TV Life! Christian Broadcasting Network

Setting up AberFast Lite

For Programmers it’s a simple 2 step process – just provide us a list of your airing stations and upload your source file.

For TV Stations it’s a 3 step process...

Step 1: Choose a preferred file type

We are providing 5 HD media spec files (2-minute video clip) for stations to choose from. All AberFast Lite files have closed captions embedded, color bars & tone, and slate. Each station will download and test the files from the list below and choose the option that works best for their station.

1080i@29.97 fps
35 Mbps
Audio PCM 24 bit 2-channel
Full File Specs: PDF
Download Link (503 MB): XDCAM 35

1080i@29.97 fps
50 Mbps
Audio PCM 24 Bit 2-channel
Full File Specs: PDF
Download Link (848 MB): XDCAM 50

1080i@29.97 fps
35 Mbps
Audio 48 kHz 256 Kbps 2-channel
Full File Specs: PDF
Download Link (577 MB): MPEG-PS 35

1080i@29.97 fps
35 Mbps
Audio 48 kHz 256 Kbps 2-channel
Full File Specs: PDF
Download Link (578 MB): MPEG-TS 35

LXF 35
1080i@29.97 fps
35 Mbps
Audio 48 kHz 256 Kbps 2-channel
Full File Specs: PDF
Download Link (610 MB): LXF 35

Step 2: The stations will schedule time with Aberdeen to install delivery software

Aberdeen will install a lightweight enterprise-grade delivery software on a designated PC, Mac, or Server. This allows files to automatically be delivered and has controls to set bandwidth limitations and delivery times.

Step 3: Setup and login to AberFast Station Portal

The station will provide names and emails of individuals who would like to have access to a private AberFast Station Portal. The portal will allow station employees to view proxies of delivered files along with, if necessary, access to download the full-length hi-res file for broadcast.

It requires less resources since it is not recorded at a specific time from satellite. Everything has been great. From no error feeds to the email notifications.

Wendell Nelson, KAAL-TV

“Many of the content delivery services are looking to switch to internet download only. Many services have a "call us when ready" type of action. It was helpful to have someone reach out first, and go through what was required for the transition and what formats we used to air. In that way it made things simple.”
Master Control – KAZT-TV
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