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How to Optimize Closed Captions Settings in Zoom

As popular and ubiquitous Zoom has become, it can be overwhelming to understand its multiple meeting features and options – especially in regards to closed captioning.

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Aberdeen Values: We are Solution Driven

When we launched our new website last year, we also made the move host it on the .IO domain. Why?…

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Closed Captioning Grammar Tips

Aberdeen sends out transcription tips bimonthly as a tool for helping our Operations Team perfect our transcription and captioning skills.…

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The Importance of Verbatim Closed Captioning

This weekend I had the privilege of attending a wedding where the bride is hearing and the groom is deaf.…

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Precious Memories Preserved and Accessible for All

I come from an average-sized family, but my extended family is very large. My grandfather, now in his mid-80s, has…

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Closed Captions Hit Home

My grandfather is a soft-spoken former Marine and my father has carried on the tradition of both soft-spoken tendencies as…

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How to Repurpose TV CC Files for the Web

By now you probably know that the FCC changed the regulations for CC requirements to expand to all Internet videos…

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Debunking Closed Captioning Myths

Three months ago I debuted into the Closed Captioning (CC) world when I started working with Aberdeen Captioning. Needless to…

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Are Your Closed Captions Shouting at You?

Many people today associate text written in all capital letters as text that is meant to be SHOUTED AT YOU!…

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Closed Captioning Improves Literacy in Children (and Adults!)

The statistics are astounding: 42 million American adults are illiterate and 50 million are unable to read higher than a…

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