Troubleshooting: Importing Subtitle Files (.stl or .stl with .tif image files) Into DVD Studio Pro

If you found this article, you are probably a DVD authorer at your wit's end trying to figure out why the subtitle file will not import into your authoring system. We have a little tip that might just do the trick.

As you can imagine, as a closed-captioning and subtitling company, we work hand-in-hand with DVD authoring houses and individual DVD authoring people. When we deliver our clients subtitle files for DVD Studio Pro (typically a .stl directory file with .tif images or a stand-alone .stl file), there are sometimes discrepancies with time code making DVD Studio Pro reject the .stl file. Then our client calls us for help and we usually walk through the issue, and often we actually test out the files with their video in our authoring system to see where the problem is originating. After going through this troubleshooting process with our clients time and time again, we have found a solution that pretty much does the trick every time.

Are you ready for it?

  1. Open your project in DVD Studio Pro without the video. In other words, remove your video from the project.
  2. Import the subtitle file (.stl for example)
  3. Import your video

Now you have something you can work with.

If this trick doesn't work, call Aberdeen Captioning at 800-688-6621 and we'll be able to give you a hand troubleshooting your issue.