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Bad Captions are Polluting Video Libraries

In the history of our planet, littering is a relatively new problem. It was around the 1950s when manufacturers began…

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Aberdeen Subtitles Documentary into 28 Languages!

Since the brand-new launch of Aberdeen’s Multilanguage subtitling and translation department in 2008, we have worked on many exciting projects,…

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Troubleshooting: Importing Subtitle Files (.stl or .stl with .tif image files) Into DVD Studio Pro

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Streamlining International Corporate Training: Subtitling Corporate Training Videos

Do you ever wonder how international businesses keep their branches in different countries on the same page with the same…

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Blu-ray Subtitling: Enhancing Accessibility and Viewer Experience

Since Blu-ray has largely become accepted as the new HD disc format standard, there have been many inquiries about closed…

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Subtitling the Hearing Everett Project

I usually don’t write about specific projects we work on, but the “Hearing Everett” project was particularly moving. One of…

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The Importance of Consistent Time Code: DVD/Blu-ray Disc Authoring

This past week, I felt how important time code was when authoring captions and subtitles to DVD and Blu-ray Disc…

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Importing Caption Files (.scc) into DVD Studio Pro

Oftentimes, when I give my clients caption files for their DVD Authoring Systems they encounter problems and call me with questions…

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