Closed Captioning Clients & Their Missions

Jeremy, one of the video editors for "Travel the Road" who I had the pleasure of working with to coordinate the program's closed captioning, is on an amazing journey that is worth mentioning here on our blog. In the closed captioning world, you have the privilege of working with a myriad of clients who are all on different missions in life--whether it be to build a hospital in Senegal or spread the gospel by providing drinking water and education to the children of Mozambique, so many of them have a story.

Today I wanted to direct you to Jeremy's mission--to create the first Christian television broadcast in Papua New Guinea. Jeremy posts on his blog tidbits of all he is experiencing, and to say that he is facing many struggles would be an understatement. Right now, he is specifically focused on filming the crusades that are being put on throughout the country and in remote villages for the church there. He is teaching and training them how to edit and produce the first-ever Christian television broadcast in the country. Over 6 million people will get a chance to hear the Gospel preached on the only channel on the television in Papua New Guinea because of the work that he is doing.

Learn more about Jeremy's mission at: