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Debunking Closed Captioning Myths

Three months ago I debuted in the Closed Captioning (CC) world when I started working with Aberdeen Captioning. Needless to…

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Is Your University or College Captioning Their Commencement Ceremonies?

If not, you may want to encourage them to do so.  The process is simple, and it provides accessibility to…

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Understanding the Differences Between Roll-Up Captioning, Pop-on Captioning, and Subtitling

One of the number-one questions I get from prospective clients or even friends is the question: What is the difference…

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Spanish Captioning... Join the Bandwagon!

No peer pressure, but producers and broadcasters alike are seeing the importance of Spanish captioning to reach a broader audience.…

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Closed Captioning Clients & Their Missions

Jeremy, one of the video editors for "Travel the Road" who I had the pleasure of working with to coordinate…

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Subtitling the Hearing Everett Project

I usually don’t write about specific projects we work on, but the “Hearing Everett” project was particularly moving. One of…

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The Importance of Consistent Time Code: DVD/Blu-ray Disc Authoring

This past week, I felt how important time code was when authoring captions and subtitles to DVD and Blu-ray Disc…

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Who Contracts Closed Captioning Services?

TV Stations/Networks TV stations and networks that produce their own programming are responsible for contracting closed captioning services if they…

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The Way to Accurate Closed Captions

What Does Verbatim Mean? In Merriam Webster’s Online Dictionary it states that verbatim means: In the exact words: word for word…

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The Different Types of Captioning

Each captioning company will categorize their levels of captioning differently, but a fully operating captioning company will offer at these…

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