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NAD Advocates for Access to Quality Captions

On June 5, 2012, the National Association of the Deaf testified before the US Copyright Office. They argued that closed…

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Closed Captioning Clients & Their Missions

Jeremy, one of the video editors for "Travel the Road" who I had the pleasure of working with to coordinate…

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The Importance of Consistent Time Code: DVD/Blu-ray Disc Authoring

This past week, I felt how important time code was when authoring captions and subtitles to DVD and Blu-ray Disc…

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The Different Types of Captioning

Each captioning company will categorize their levels of captioning differently, but a fully operating captioning company will offer at these…

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Live Captioning: Building a Christian Dictionary

Have you ever wondered how live captioners caption Christian programming? Biblical and Christian terms used during a sermon or teaching…

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Importing Caption Files (.scc) into DVD Studio Pro

Oftentimes, when I give my clients caption files for their DVD Authoring Systems they encounter problems and call me with questions…

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