The AberFast Advantage

Aberdeen has invested heavily in a software architecture connecting the industry's best cloud-based solutions to ensure our services are available 24/7/365 and that no single natural disaster or equipment failure will interrupt or stop our services. The software and processes we’ve developed guarantee your program to be the absolute best looking and legally compiant for station broadcast.

Value: You can sleep at night with Aberdeen as your partner.

Industry-leading security & best practices (AWS, Salesforce & File Catalyst)

Challenge: Hacking and cyber attacks
Solution: Special encryption for safe file transfers and temporary storage

Fail-safe redundancy with cloud-based workflows (AWS)

Challenge: Natural disasters – flood, earthquakes, tornado, fire, etc.
Solution: Content & workflows backed-up across multiple sites (AWS)

Simple, fast, reliable file transfers to Aberdeen (AWS)

Challenge: Slow & unreliable file transfers or failures altogether
Solution: Easy, fast, reliable, and confirmed uploads to AWS S3 cloud server

End-to-end sales & ops integration (Salesforce)

Challenge: Missing programs, directions, or communication
Solution: System for cross-reference and accurate order creation & fulfillment

Frame by frame QC and analysis (Telestream VidChecker)

Challenge: Station rejection over technical issues and risk missing airdates
Solution: Analysis/adjustments to audio & video levels to ensure broadcast legal programming

Transcoding & CC embedding to station parameters (Telestream Vantage)

Challenge: Generic distribution of programming with subpar quality
Solution: Custom file for each station’s on-air play server for best HD possible

Best-in-class ATSC to PAL standards conversion process (Tachyon)

Challenge: Interlacing & other conversion issues on international deliveries
Solution: Industry-leading software that handles the conversions unavailable in most consumer software

Award-winning file transfer system for domestic & international distribution (FileCatalyst)

Challenge: File transfer failures are common with overseas deliveries
Solution: Enterprise-level, managed transfers with automated delivery confirmation notifications

Our Proven Process

We approach each project request with a patient and thorough evaluation of the Client and their needs. This helps ensure that we set up the workflows to get the program to its end destinations on time and looking the absolute best. It’s a process that we have established and implemented for 20 years with proven success.

“Aberdeen has done an amazing job at updating our broadcast to the current generation. They take one video, do their magic, and send to our three stations with no issues or hiccups. They even added one of our stations in Ecuador that they never transmitted to before.”
Nick B.
Media Pastor – Fresh Touch Ministries
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