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Using Captioning to Reach Your Full Audience

This article was our contribution to the Fall 2020 edition of ChurchLeaders MinistryTech magazine. Technological advancements have made preaching…

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Broadcast Leader Elements

Television stations will provide detailed instructions of their broadcast requirements for producers to follow prior to submitting their program. However, before exploring the technical specifications of the bit rate, codec, wrapper, GOP structure, etc. you’ll need to make sure you add your broadcast leader elements to your timeline.

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The Importance of 4:3 Center-Cut Safe Area in TV Broadcasting

The introduction of high definition television super-sized our television sets from the square look of the 4:3 aspect ratio, to…

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The Basics of 608 vs. 708 Captions

Last Friday (June 12, 2009) was the official transition of analog television being replaced by digital television (DTV) in the…

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How to Write Closed Captions: Transcription Guidelines

A very important part of the captioning process is the initial transcription of the programming. If the captioning company uses…

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