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Aberdeen Captioning Has Been Qualified by DCMP as "YouTube Ready"

Aberdeen Captioning has been qualified as a “YouTube Ready” vendor by DCMP. As a DCMP “Approved Captioning Service Vendor,” Aberdeen…

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Susanna’s Story: How Transcribing Christian Programming Gave Her a Better Life

I believe the Lord gave me this opportunity to work at home, part-time, doing transcription work for Aberdeen Captioning. While…

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The People Who Make Captions Happen

Caption editor This is an offline captioning term, referring to the person who takes the transcript and turns it into…

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Transcription Guidelines for Captioning

A very important part of the captioning process is the initial transcription of the programming. If the captioning company uses…

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Transcription Services

Transcription is the making of a verbatim copy of a spoken dialogue. Transcribers are professionals chosen for their linguistic skills and…

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