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Creating Continual Comma Confusion

My whole life I’ve had an affinity for the English language (and alliteration). Proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation have always…

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Are Homophones Driving You Crazy?

Homophones are words that are pronounced the same but differ in meaning and can be a daily nuisance to closed…

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Training a Dragon…to Type!

Have you ever noticed how fast you speak sometimes?  I know we all notice the speed at which we drive…

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The Power of Closed Captions: Boosting Views and SEO on YouTube

YouTube and Google now index video content based on text in closed captions and subtitles, enhancing the discoverability and SEO…

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Aberdeen Captioning Has Been Qualified by DCMP as "YouTube Ready"

Aberdeen Captioning has been qualified as a “YouTube Ready” vendor by DCMP. As a DCMP “Approved Captioning Service Vendor,” Aberdeen…

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Susanna’s Story: How Transcribing Christian Programming Gave Her a Better Life

Working for Aberdeen Captioning as a Transcriber has allowed me to stay home with my daughter (and will also allow…

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How to Write Closed Captions: Transcription Guidelines

A very important part of the captioning process is the initial transcription of the programming. If the captioning company uses…

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