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Aberdeen Announces New Digital File Delivery System

The era of big bulky tapes being damaged, glitch, or lost in the mail is over! Aberdeen Captioning is offering a new one-stop file distribution service. Clients simply upload their HD source file straight from their editing system and Aberdeen then adds the closed captions or subtitles.  Then, Aberdeen takes the new captioned video and can deliver it digitally to any station you need all over the world, in any format the station requires.  Worried about your file uploading correctly? Aberdeen uses a unique delivery system called ‘HotFolder’ which does continual bit for bit checking as the file uploads. If the connection happens to get broken, as soon as it is reconnected, it picks up where it left off.  You will receive an e-mail once the file is completely uploaded. The process is simple and effective. Check out Aberdeen’s new video which describes this process in detail: