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FCC Addresses Closed Captioning Accuracy

What does the FCC Report and Order (CG docket No. 05-231) mean when it states that closed captioning needs to…

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New FCC Closed Captioning Laws to Focus on Quality

The deadline of January 15, 2015 (Update: FCC Pushes Back the Date on New Captioning Quality Standards) is quickly approaching as the…

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EIA-708 Turns 12

It’s been twelve years since the FCC ushered in a new era of closed captioning. On July 2, 2002, the…

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FCC Fast Lanes or the Highway

The Federal Communications Commission stirred up a hot debate this past week when it proposed net neutrality laws that would…

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New FCC Captioning Rules for Internet Videos

Starting September 30, all pre-recorded video that has been “substantially edited” for the Internet must be captioned if it was…

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The Simplicity of HTML5 and Internet Closed Captioning

Since the implementation of FCC mandate for internet closed captioning, producers, TV stations, and video websites alike are looking for…

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