Voice Dubbing at International TV Stations

Have you stumbled upon a goldmine of budget-friendly or complimentary voice-over services at the foreign TV station broadcasting your program? When you reach out to your local voice dubbing provider to inquire about the costs of voice dubbing services, do you find yourself taken aback by the quotes you receive?

Well, don’t be, because it does not reflect the same two services.

Numerous evangelical television ministries have a global reach, often translating their programs through voice dubbing into the local languages. Typically, they bundle airtime and voice-over dubbing services into a comprehensive package, where the fees for voice-over are encompassed within a single rate. This setup can make voice dubbing appear as a seamless and cost-effective endeavor.

As the international viewership expands, these ministries might approach our team at Aberdeen for voice dubbing rates in a different language, only to experience a form of sticker shock. They might express, "Yet the network in Russia, Italy, or China handles this for us at a fraction of the cost! Why is your pricing considerably higher?"

Insight into Voice Dubbing Operations at TV Stations

In these instances, these TV stations might resort to using their in-house TV presenters to cut down on expenses, instead of meticulously selecting suitable voice talents. Frequently, the voice dubbing is executed without synchronization of lip movements, resembling a rapid assembly-line process with no preceding script translation. The resulting production often resembles real-time interpretation at a meeting rather than a meticulously crafted, post-production performance.

However, it's crucial to note that this isn't a universal practice, but rather a common occurrence based on our observations. Often, the ministries remain oblivious to this distinction or fail to recognize the significance of quality until they receive unfavorable feedback from their audience (which might not even reach the US-based client unless actively sought). Some dubbing efforts are so subpar that they render the content amusing to viewers.

Functioning of a Professional Voice-Over Dubbing Service

When you approach Aberdeen or any reputable voice-over dubbing facility to have your program dubbed in another language, a plethora of elements come into play to ensure a professional outcome.

Our services encompass, among others:

  • Thorough material assessment
  • Transcribing and time coding the source content in its original language
  • Comprehensive translation, review, meticulous proofreading, and editing
  • Tailoring the translation to match the timing of the voice-over
  • Meticulously selecting voice talents that align with the tone and persona of the original actor
  • Supervision of the entire recording session by a producer (for Christian programming, a Christian producer oversees the team to uphold Biblical and theological integrity)
  • Studio allocation
  • Inclusion of a native director to guarantee production integrity and quality
  • Recording process
  • Post-production audio editing and synchronization
  • Complete studio mixing
  • Integrating audio with video

All the services integrated into our holistic post-production voice dubbing process guarantee an outcome characterized by integrity and excellence. There's simply no room for compromise when aiming for such quality.

Ministries: Your Next Steps

Should a voice dubbing price appear exceptionally enticing, it's likely too good to be true, potentially leaving you with results that fall short of your expectations and requirements.

If your TV program's voice dubbing is currently handled by a foreign TV station at a minimal cost, we strongly advise having the voice-over work evaluated by an impartial native third party.