24-Hour Turnaround for Spanish and Korean Easter Service - How we made it happen!

Aberdeen Captioning is known for its quality subtitles, multi-language translations, and fast turn-around times. A recent example of Aberdeen’s expertise in this field is our success with subtitling Saddleback Church’s Online Easter Service. Aberdeen managed to successfully subtitle their 80 minute Easter program in both Korean and Spanish in record time—the files came in on Friday morning and were completed by Saturday morning—24 hours!

This project was detailed and required a team of one English transcriber, one Spanish translator, one Spanish Subtitler, one Korean translator, and one Korean Subtitler. It also required the use of 3 time zones in 3 different countries –Europe, Korean, and the United States—to make it happen! Because of the time restraints, this project took some organized pre-planning to help the process move smoothly and enable it to be a success.  Aberdeen is proud to have helped Saddleback Church reach a broader worldwide audience with their Easter Service message.


Keep in mind that at Aberdeen, you do not have to sacrifice quality even if you need a quick turnaround time. We can make it happen!