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Translation Hangover

How many ways are there to translate a word from one language to another? Sometimes it’s as simple as translating…

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Translation Bloopers

It is safe to say that most people who speak more than one language understand that there are certain idiosyncrasies inherent…

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Training a Dragon…to Type!

Have you ever noticed how fast you speak sometimes?  I know we all notice the speed at which we drive…

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Subtitling is More Than a Service

It's an Art. A first-rate translation requires the know-how that cannot be rated by a translation program or a computer-assisted…

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Argument Against Automated Translation

Many companies in need of translation usually do not understand what they need.  Given this ignorance, they may come up…

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Subtitling the Hearing Everett Project

I usually don’t write about specific projects we work on, but the “Hearing Everett” project was particularly moving. One of…

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Subtitles differ from closed captions by the way they are presented on the screen. Words appear in upper and lower…

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