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The Writing’s on the Glass: Instant Captions for Daily Interactions

What if captioning wasn't limited to multimedia and entertainment mediums and could transcend, by way of tech devices, into day-to-day…

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Is Your University or College Captioning Their Commencement Ceremonies?

If not, you may want to encourage them to do so.  The process is simple, and it provides accessibility to…

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The Different Types of Captioning

Each captioning company will categorize their levels of captioning differently, but a fully operating captioning company will offer at these…

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Live Captioning: Building a Christian Dictionary

Have you ever wondered how live captioners caption Christian programming? Biblical and Christian terms used during a sermon or teaching…

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Why Do Captions Look Garbled?

“That person doesn’t even know how to spell.”  “They can’t type correctly.”  “How come in today’s age of technology can’t…

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