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Closed Captioning of Internet Video Clips

  In September of 2012, the FCC announced the obligation for closed captioning on all full-length Internet video programming that…

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Guest Blog: Closed Captioning for Church Online

The following blog was written by one of our clients, Simon Roberts, from Rock Church San Diego. Since the Rock…

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Add Captions, Expand Your Audience

If providing access to the deaf and hard of hearing lacks incentive, will more YouTube views persuade you? YouTube creators…

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DCMP Releases New Videos for Streaming Every Month

Looking for quality educational videos for your family? Take a second and register on DCMP’s website. You will then have…

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New FCC Captioning Rules for Internet Videos

Starting September 30, all pre-recorded video that has been “substantially edited” for the Internet must be captioned if it was…

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The Continued Fight For Web Accessibility

While sites like eBay continue to grow in popularity, they are not easily accessible for all people. Melissa Earll wanted…

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The Simplicity of HTML5 and Internet Closed Captioning

Since the implementation of FCC mandate for internet closed captioning, producers, TV stations, and video websites alike are looking for…

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How to Repurpose TV CC Files for the Web

By now you probably know that the FCC changed the regulations for CC requirements to expand to all Internet videos…

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Internet-Protocol Delivered Programming Rules

Are you familiar with IP-delivered programming? This includes all videos that are distributed via the Internet (where you watch the…

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To Sell, Or Not To Sell or Techmunity

To sell, or not to sell, that is the question.  As a “sales guy,” in a sales position, that should…

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