The Power of Right Believing Tour

Aberdeen has been a long-standing partner in providing captioning services for Joseph Prince Ministries. Recently, the team had the opportunity to attend the Power of Right Believing Tour as it came to the United States. The event, held at the Long Beach Arena, was a special occasion for Aberdeen's management team who had the chance to see Pastor Joseph Prince preach live on November 6th. It was a memorable moment for everyone, marking the first in-person meeting after years of collaboration.

The event also provided a chance for a memorable photo with Joseph Prince. The team, including Nathan Isaacs, Becky Isaacs, Matt Cook, and Ed Gallagher, captured a moment alongside Pastor Prince.

Photo of Joseph Prince with the Aberdeen Management Team

Joseph Prince, the senior pastor of Singapore's New Creation Church, is known for his program "Destined to Reign," which reaches viewers in over 150 countries. To explore more about Joseph Prince and his ministry, you can visit their website: