Disney’s Frozen Sing-Along Promotes Subtitle Awareness

Chances are you have seen Disney’s latest movie Frozen, and maybe even own the hit soundtrack. Disney saw that fans adored the songs from Frozen and decided to release the movie in theaters as a “sing-along” version with the song lyrics subtitled on the screen.  A bouncing snowflake highlighted each word in sync with the audio. This sing-along version became the top-selling movie on Fandango.

In relation to this, DCMP released an article about how using subtitled music videos can promote reading growth. Planet Read in India won the Library of Congress Literacy Award for Same Language Subtitling (SLS). Their videos are subtitled in an innovative way. The subtitles function like karaoke, where the text changes in color in sync with the audio. This encourages reading proficiency as the viewer can read the words in sync with the spoken audio. Learn more at The Described and Captioned Media Program.