Understanding Google Translate

Why would I need to pay for professional translation services if I have access to Google Translate?

To begin, there are many reasons why Google Translate cannot replace a native human speaker. Let’s start with how Google Translate works.  It is a computer. It translates in a similar manner to how a search engine completes a web search. Being a computer, it searches for words instead of phrases and has no understanding of syntax, style, or grammar. It is merely breaking your sentence into words and attempting to replace each word with a translated equivalent. This produces an odd, choppy, and often humorous end result.  Google Translate has a difficult time with proper names, terms of measurement, currencies, and other mathematical equivalents.  Some amusing failures include translating “I love Sweden” into “I love Canada.” There is even a website that takes an English phrase, has Google translate it into a few different languages and then back into English. The results are hysterical because it is much like playing the game “telephone” as a child. The popular quote, “To be or not to be, that is the question,” translates to “Or rather, it is a problem.”

All that being said, Google Translate is an excellent choice if you are traveling in a foreign country and need to find a restroom, hail a taxi, or find a hotel. If you need professional translation services, you will need to hire a professional translation service. Professional translators are native speakers who understand the complexity of language.  They will be able to preserve the true meaning of the original text and nothing will be “lost in translation.”

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