Calling All English Majors!

When I graduated from college with a master’s in English, the question I heard endlessly was, “So, are you going to be a teacher?” For some reason, most people assume that English majors are open to only two professions: teacher or author. The reality is that English grads posses skills that are applicable to a wide range of career choices. An English degree is proof that an applicant has complete command over the English language, which translates to exceptional skills in communication, writing, and critical thinking and analysis. English grads can proofread company documents, create flawless marketing products, increase sales through social media outlets, and compose business letters, blog articles, and e-mails that will reflect professionalism and poise.

My English degree landed me a career at Aberdeen as a Caption Editor. I came in knowing absolutely nothing about closed captioning and the broadcast industry but I was eager to learn. At first the job seemed very technical, which made me a little unsure that I was a good fit. However, I soon learned that my background in English was essential. The fundamentals that I learned in college help me train transcribers on different grammar rules. My background knowledge allows me to remain confident in my ability to provide high-quality closed captioning on every one of our client’s programs. For more information on closed captioning as a career, and the positions available at Aberdeen, visit Aberdeen's career page.

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