The Continued Fight For Web Accessibility

While sites like eBay continue to grow in popularity, they are not easily accessible for all people. Melissa Earll wanted to sell items on eBay but could not do so, due to the website's verification system which requires sellers to retrieve and submit a password from a telephone call. She can't hear the password and says eBay doesn't use voice-to-text or other technologies deaf people often rely upon. When Earll confronted eBay, their response was: “Can your mom or dad answer the phone for you?” Earll’s response: “I'm a 47-year-old adult woman. No. I don't live at home. No." The courts dismissed her case due to lack of evidence. However, many feel this case will go all the way to the Supreme Court. What do you think? How responsive must the Internet be to the Americans With Disabilities Act? To read more, visit: