Can You Send a Handshake Through Email?

Recently I received an exciting email from one of our clients, John. This email was a follow up on a project we had completed. In it he thanked us for our hard work and he told me about two large projects they'll be sending to us in 2013. And while I enjoyed the praise for our team and the news of what is certain to be another awesome series, that wasn't what excited me most about the email. The part that excited me most was when I read, "I get out to LA about once a year. I'd love to stop by to say hello next time it happens." Yay! The possibility of getting to meet John face-to-face!

This may seem like an overreaction, but the efficient use of today’s technology has made Aberdeen a customer service success with clients spread out all around the globe! We use technology to stay as connected as possible to even our furthest client.  Ultimately this means that since we no longer have to do our business in person, we don’t always get to physically meet each and every one of our clients. In today’s digital age, most of our communication with clients happens on the phone (IP phones allow for employees to connect with the same local number from anywhere in the world), via e-mail and through video conferencing and web meetings utilizing software like gotomeeting and teamviewer, as well as freeware like Skype and Oovoo. We often troubleshoot technical issues remotely by “jumping on” our clients’ computer systems.

How does Aberdeen make customer service a priority even without being in the same neighborhood as their clients? The answer to this is more complicated than you might think. In addition to using technology to stay connected, members of our team go to at least two trade shows a year (NRB and NAB) where they spend a lot of time meeting and greeting not only potential clients, but our existing clients as well. Also, we have clients that come into the office when they get a chance or are in the area. Sometimes to drop things off and sometimes just to see how things are going. Members of our team have gone out to make deliveries to clients and offer technical support. And we're not just talking about clients in Southern California either. Just last week we had extensive meetings with clients from Africa to review their projects and workflow. We love seeing our very first clients year after year at these tradeshows as well—it reminds us of our beginnings, and one very important lesson in customer service: It’s much easier to keep a client you already have than to land a new one.

But you're still asking why with all of these clients stopping by am I so excited to get this email. Well, many of you may not know this, but I actually work out of Aberdeen's North Campus, otherwise known as the office/guestroom in my house outside of Los Angeles. I worked in the Rancho Santa Margarita office until my husband's commute suddenly became more than 2 hours each way. In order for my kids to see their dad at all during the day we had to move and I came face-to-face with leaving a job that I love. And leave it I did, or almost.

Aberdeen is an amazing company that has for many years successfully bridged great distances and provided its clients with the high quality services and products they needed. And now we can send a full length program with captions across continents without using a single tape. To me, however, what's really amazing is the support I receive on a daily basis from Aberdeen. My life took an unexpected turn and through current technology and our awesome management team I was able to continue the journey with Aberdeen. Every day I send my kids off to school and my husband off to work and then I sit down at my desk, and with great thanks, start my work day. I spend a lot of time on the phone and sending emails, but at the end of the day I haven't actually seen anyone. Not even the rest of my team. And I miss being in the office. I miss the face time and calling over the cubicle to ask a question. I even miss everyone standing in front of my desk and talking too loudly when I'm trying to work.

I get excited when I get to go into the office. And I get excited when one of my clients might come to see us.  I'm a fan of the simple pleasures in life, and giving a firm handshake and a welcoming smile are at the top of my list.

This blog was written by Emilia Park, Sales Liason for Aberdeen Broadcast Services