To Sell, Or Not To Sell or Techmunity

To sell, or not to sell, that is the question.  As a “sales guy,” in a sales position, that should be an easy one, right?  It would be except for the fact that I’m really a sales engineer.  That’s my title and I’m stickin’ to it.  It’s the engineer part of that fan dangled moniker that has me asking the “not to sell” part of the aforementioned question.  Before I can sell, I’ve got to know a little, scratch that, a lot about the product I’m selling and the client I’m pitching.  Seems simple enough, however, what I’m selling are closed captioning, multi-language translation & subtitling, and cloud-based, transcoding & delivery services.  Wait, it gets better.

Whether ‘tis more numbing in the mind to suffer the mastery of captioning, language and file delivery service options or to align them with the plethora of automation, coding, and on-air server systems that are installed at the nearly 8,000 TV stations in the country (not to mention worldwide).  The real challenge, surprisingly, not the process of becoming an authority of systems and workflows the world over, but rather the installation of not a workflow, but of confidence in the producer or engineer’s mind.

Thus the science makes cowards of us all.  But surely our company’s history evokes bravery.  Why should I tremble when we were able to lower our producers from the tower by allowing them to master a captioned tape from there NLEs.  Who of us here at Aberdeen could forget how we slayed the Sony XDCAM captioning beast on the floor of NAB in Las Vegas.  Certainly, our next adventure shall be our most exciting as we are in the midst of turning “can’t” into “can” and “doing” into “done.”  In sales guy terms, our stuff just works and works in a way that no one else’s stuff works.  Now how do I get a producer or engineer on the other end of the phone or video chat to buy into that, especially in when talking about dropping a closed captioned, broadcast ready file (better quality mind you) onto a server in a preferred format.  That must be a sheer flight of fancy and the stuff of make believe.

Ahh, but believe they will.  Not at first though.  The truth must be polished like a pearl for the digital age has not brought clarity and simplicity, but rather muck and mire.  “Clear as mud” is a common phrase uttered by the experts in this high-tech, high-demand world of television broadcasting, webcasting and mobile transmission.  Thank goodness for the community of producers, engineers and all others who muscle through technology trends and paradigm shifts together with Aberdeen.  If not for this technology community, or as I prefer, “techmunity” (okay, I admit, it sounds a little more like technology mutiny) there would be little in the way of progress, or more frightening still, no collective commiseration.  What to do if we had to muscle through technology breakthroughs without the pleasure of forging new friendships alongside new state-of-the-just-work-already solutions.

And enterprises of great pitch and moments like these is what being a sales engineer is all about.

This blog was written by By Steve Holmes (with Shakespeare), Sales Engineer for Aberdeen.

If you are interested in buying into what Steve is selling or would like to know more about it, or if you would just like a laugh with this funny guy, he can be reached at 800-688-6621 or