FCC Adopts Video Descriptions Regulations

Have you ever heard the term “video descriptions” and wondered what it meant? Basically, video descriptions are a way to inform people who are blind or visually impaired of what is happening on a television screen during a program. It is simply a matter of inserting verbal descriptions about the setting and action when it is something not easily explained by the audio portion or dialogue of the program. Sounds like a great idea, but it has been slow to implement. However, on August 25, 2011, the FCC issued a Report & Order reinstating its video description rules. The biggest new rule states that broadcast affiliates of the top four national networks—ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC—located in the top 25 television markets as determined by Nielsen as of Jan. 1, 2011, must provide 50 hours per calendar quarter of prime-time and/or children’s programming with video descriptions. It’s definitely a start!

To read more about the new video description regulations, see: FCC Adopts Video Description Regulations.