Case Study: Overcoming Documentary Translation Barriers


This film illustrates a family helping the deaf in Mexico. Every person that worked on this project was emotionally involved because it gave a sense of purpose and meaning to the work that Aberdeen does.

Solution and Execution

This project was a lengthy one, involving five different phases: transcription, caption editing, translation, subtitle editing, and quality assurance. It took a team of experts at Aberdeen to provide the quality needed to accurately subtitle this film.


The project was completed seamlessly, and the result was high-quality subtitles that were created with the purpose of remaining true to the meaning of the film. Here is what Aberdeen’s Spanish translator, Enrico, had to say about his experience with the film:

"Without a doubt it is a remarkable, touching documentary. I was blessed with the opportunity to translate this powerful testimony and I am certain it will greatly impact the people that get to see it the way it impacted us (I shared it with my wife) while working on it.”

Enrico, Spanish Translator

By working on this project and seeing other things their ministry is doing helped Aberdeen realize the importance of the work they do. Find out more about this film at or