Case Study: Producer in Singapore


Joseph Prince Ministries (JPM) began airing Joseph Prince's program, Destined To Reign, from the United States in late 2007 and enlisted Aberdeen to provide closed captioning and tape dubbing services. Given that the ministry’s programs are recorded in Joseph’s home church in Singapore, JPM needed a simple, fast, and cost-effective way to ship its program’s tapes.

Solution and Execution

That is why in 2011, JPM adopted AberFast, Aberdeen’s digital delivery service. Replacing conventional shipping methods, AberFast’s innovative and stable file transfer system has resulted in higher quality videos for JPM. TV stations broadcasting Destined To Reign receive the videos on time, in the right format, and have confirmed that with AberFast the final video quality is even better than before!


Overall, JPM is very satisfied with the effective and proactive services of Aberdeen. Using AberFast has also helped to simplify the workflow between JPM and the TV stations they air on, thereby facilitating the preaching of the Gospel of Grace across the United States. All in all, a win-win!