Caption Action 2: Become a "Fan" of Internet Captioning

Want to help spread the word about the need for closed captions on the Internet? Become a fan of Caption Action 2 on Facebook.  This movement originated as “Caption Action” in the late 1980s and early 1990s in order to get closed captions on home videos. The new movement’s focus is to get legislation passed in Congress to mandate closed captioning on the Internet. So far, this has been a success--Congress just passed the HR 3103 and S3304 bills which mandate Internet captions. However, this bill only mandates closed captioning on regular television programming. Internet-only television is exempt, so the new focus of Caption Action 2 is to require closed captions on all other Internet programs as well.  A great way to help spread the word is by joining their Facebook page. Also, for information, visit their blog at