NetBlender's DoStudio DoST file continues winning streak!

I have been on a winning streak for years, being able to satisfy every client's request.  Seriously without fail.  I even surprised myself sometimes.  Obviously, I had the help of our software engineers and video technicians, but our team had been relentlessly finding solutions to the changing technology.  I have been delivering subtitle file types for various web players like the Ooyala platform and other client's customized web players.  I was delivering subtitle files for DVD and Blu-ray authoring systems that were working every time... Then I got a request that was not odd by any means, but for some reason, I hadn't been asked yet--to provide subtitle files for NetBlender's Blu-ray authoring system, DoStudio.  When this potential client asked me if I could provide these subtitle files for his Blu-ray authoring system, I automatically thought to myself, "Of course, we can…we always can!"  Nonetheless, I told this client that I needed to look into it and I would get back to him shortly.  Well, at the time of that request, our various subtitling tools did not provide the required .DoST file and subsequent .png files required.  With a bit of investigating, our software engineers were able to get a subtitle file tested with NetBlender's DoStudio and it worked!  Problem solved, and the best part is that I am still on a winning streak!  Here's to 2010, and Aberdeen Captioning finding captioning and subtitling solutions for our clients!